Marathon Beach resort






Project: Marathon Beach Resort
Status: Renovation, completed
Year: study- completion 2013
Short description: hotel renovation, Nea Makri, Attica
In collaboration with Dionysis Zacharias,

Renovation and relaunching of a 1970’s beachfront hotel located in the area of Marathon at the eastern coast of Athens. The brief formulated with the owners and operating company called for a conceptual reinforcing of its emblematic status as a landmark 1970’s hotel. Design was restricted by a very tight construction budget requiring the reuse of the existing structure including partitions focusing expenditure on a new pool at the center of the redevelopment. The architectural solution for the renovation of the rooms focused on the existing period finishes of floors – pebble terrazzo – and ceiling – exposed wood formwork concrete – transforming them into signature detail elements. The hotel’s architectural renovation is paradigmatic of a targeted allocation of limited resources used to maximum effect.



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